What is regression and Hypnotherapy?

That word ‘Regression’ can bring up some many different thoughts for people who might have seen things in the media or heard different horror stories of hypnotists “implanting memories”.

I feel it’s a shame that we have been led to believe these things, and yes there are some people out there who may put out a bad name when it comes to regression. However, if you ensure you choose an accredited and qualified hypnotherapist this will not be the case as there are very strict rules on what we can and cannot say in hypnosis. The Hypnotherapy Directory is a great place to start when finding a hypnotherapist that’s right for you.

So let’s get back to that word again ‘regression’. I will share my experience with you as it was so powerful for me and has completely changed my life for the better. In February of this year I attended a course run by Lorraine Gleeson on idiomotor responses and regression.  Lorraine has taught many different therapists an excellent, structured and safe way to carry out regression work in hypnosis.

We were asked to come up with something we would like to change, not a huge problem but something on our life we would like to be different. I had never been a very confident or outgoing person and always felt a lack of control over my life. Some people may call me sensitive, but I always allowed other people’s negative thoughts and feelings to really have an effect on me. So I decided I wanted to sort out this feeling of a lack of control over my life.

So there I am in this chair in front of 13 people I had never met before (I won’t lie I was terrified!), any way I just went with it as I know how nice it is to feel relaxed, so I thought to myself “well if anything I can have some peace and quiet to myself” (this is like gold dust when you have two toddlers at home!)

In the first session Lorraine took me through the different ages of my life and asked my subconscious to indicate at which ages something happened to contribute to this problem. She did this by asking my subconscious to choose a finger and make it twitch.

To be quite honest when I came out of hypnosis I thought, ah well nothing happened but it was still nice to relax. How wrong Was I! I had actually indicated to Lorraine that this problem had begun from birth! Really?! How?! I spent that night thinking, what the heck could have happened? I always had a great relationship with my parents and as far as I was aware my mum had a normal birth. I couldn’t help but wonder what  had happened.

So here I am, the last day of the course and it’s my turn to find out where this problem had begun (quite excited now!). When under hypnosis Lorraine regressed me three times until I got the point where I “just knew” that this is where the problem had started. It was a bit strange, as I had two events come up which I could sort of see but they weren’t too clear, so when I was asked “is this where it all began?” I just knew it the answer was no. The last regression that she took me to just blew my mind.

I saw a little baby in one of those hospital plastic cots they put them in, and I could feel that my mum and dad where there too. Then all of a sudden I was absolutely balling my eyes out “that baby is me!” …. “she feels unwanted and lost” (I really could not stop crying).

I didn’t really understand why, I just knew this little baby was me and it felt so lost and unwanted, which consciously I had never felt as I always had lots of love from my parents. Lorraine did some inner child work with me, this is where, in a nutshell, you console the child and make them understand that everything is going to be ok. I had such an overwhelming feeling of love inside. When I came out of hypnosis I physically felt that this huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders, I felt truly amazing.

When I went home that day I asked my mum what had happened at my birth and her answer was fascinating. My mum had a very long labour with me and when I finally arrived she couldn’t bare to hold me as she was in agony, and there was the answer! That little baby felt unwanted, irrational yes, but in a babies world we don’t understand the reasons behind things. So I had been carrying this around with me my whole life.

Since going through the regression I can honestly say my life has changed. I’m more confident, I stand up for myself and I feel totally in control of my life.

Regression can be such an amazing experience, yes we may have to experience something that has happened to us that makes us feel sad, uncomfortable or freightened but in hypnosis you are completely safe and the therapist will always ensure you feel in control. Regression doesn’t mean your going to remember a massive event in your life that you have completely forgotten (although yes this can sometimes happen) we often see that actually it’s something quite small that maybe at the time seemed insignificant. Regression can work so well, especially if you have feelings or thoughts and have no idea where they come from. We aim to get to the root of the problem, resolve it and enable you to move forward in life feeling positive and in control.