Weight Loss hypnotheraphy … how does it work?

582F923E-2382-4DA2-BD42-33D682053F9EHave you tried all the diets under the sun, losing weight initially and then gaining it again? Or just finding it a struggle to keep on track? Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help you loose weight and keep it off! I will never forget one of the first things our tutor said to us when we were doing our training for weight loss hypnotherapy ….. the word “DIET” is actually quite a negative word considering the first part actually spells “DIE”! And you know what, I do think that this word has so many things attached to it that do the opposite to making you feel good on your weight loss journey. Now don’t get me wrong there are some very good diet plans out there, however, during the whole process you are having to consciously restrict certain things, count calories, think about portions and generally have the whole thing on your mind all the time and I’m sure even the strictest of us have that day when we say “I’ve been good all week I’m going to treat myself today!”.

There are many different ways in which hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight which I will touch on in the following paragraphs. Essentially the aim of weight loss hypnotherapy is to help you shed the pounds without having to consciously think about what you are doing. Changing your way of thinking and behaviour surrounding food and excerise will help you to keep the weight off in the long term and also allows you to enjoy doing it to.

We are all individuals and there are various reasons why we may gain weight and struggle to lose it. Some of the main reasons we see are eating out of bordom, eating when we are stressed or anxious, and emotional eating to make ourselves feel better. However,  sometimes it can also be a much deeper routed problem but not always necessarily from a bad place. Let’s look at an example given to me by my tutor. She once had someone come to her for weight loss hypnotherapy who basically just kept eating very large portions of food and couldn’t seem to cut down. This individual decided to have regression to find out why they always felt the need to have large portions. They discovered that every Sunday when this individual was younger , his family, including both sets of grandparents, would all come together and have a big roast with all the trimmings which made him feel so happy at the time. This was then ingrained in his subconscious that big meals made him feel a sense of happiness. Now as I said, this hasn’t come from a bad place or memory but it also isn’t a good eating habit to have.

With suggestion hypnotherapy your subconscious thoughts and behaviours can be changed for the better to create new healthy eating habits and motivation to do exercise. When it comes to exercise this would be something you decide to do yourself when in hypnosis that fits in to your lifestyle. For example, perhaps you  will just start using the stairs rather than the lift or go for a short jog before work.

I always find that with hypnotherapy you start carrying out all these new positive behaviours without even thinking and then one day you have the light bulb moment “oh wow I would never have done that before!” And you start to realise all these new positive and exciting changes.

Now I don’t know about you but I have had some things that I would just crave which weren’t necessarily healthy for me. My example is Diet Coke, yes I just loved the stuff and couldn’t get it enough of it even though I knew it wasn’t doing any wonders for my insides! So when doing this training I thought, you know what let’s give this a go and see if I can get rid of this craving, and that’s exactly what I did. I recorded a session for myself creating an aversion to Diet Coke. I told my self “why would you put a brown liquid into your body”, “it’s going to rot your teeth”, “every time you even think of reaching for a Diet Coke it’s going to make you feel sick at the thought of that brown liquid”. Now the honest truth, I played that recording to myself twice over a week and it has now been over a year that I have not touched a single drop! And I can can quiet honestly say I have not one ounce of craving for it.

So if your one of those people who has tried all of these different diets without long term success or just found them an absolute drag then perhaps weight loss hypnotherapy is something you would like to consider. If you would like to know about this type of hypnotherapy in more detail I’m always to happy to have an informal chat or send an email with more information 😊

A healthy body and a healthy mind  = a happy life!