STOP ….. Don’t PANIC!

If only! Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to just stop, be calm and not panic, well actually you can. In this blog I will explain how, as hypnotherapists, we can put an end to those  horrible experiences of panic, ranging from mild moments of panic to full blown “oh my goodness I think I’m going to die” panic attacks. I will also give you my experience of how hypnotherapy has helped me to end full blown pants attacks. I think it’s important for anyone, in all different professions to experience what they provide to their clients which is why I regularly have hypnotherapy myself …. also it’s a great excuse for me to take a break from the two small monkeys at home and have time to relax!

So …. how can it possibly work? There are different therapeutic approaches that we can take with clients and as we are all individuals one thing may suit one individual more than another. If someone is really unsure of where their panic attacks have come from regression hypnotherapy is something I like to use to get to the root of the problem and resolve it. This can sometimes be achieved within three sessions and aims to be a long term solution. However, I like to combine this with suggestion based hypnotherapy to ensure that the individual is well equipped with coping skills should the panic attacks arise again. Suggestion therapy can also be used alone if you are not happy to have regression. I just want to note that I would only use regression hypnotherapy on a client who has indicated that this is something they would like as it can be a very personal experience.

Suggestion hypnotherapy …. what’s that?

When treating panic attacks we want to give the individual back the control over their mind and body. With panic attacks we can feel completely out of control, they can come on at any time and place and leave us feeling completely frazzled, let alone drained and scared. I’m going to give you my experience of panic attacks now and the suggestions that where given to me. I must say that since I had this hypnotherapy  I’m yet to have another panic attack, this has been over a year now so I am very pleased.

I will never forget my first panic attack, I was feeding my baby and all of a sudden I had this strange sensation come over me, I felt like I was being pricked my thousands of needles all over my body….I told my husband I felt really strange and handed over my daughter. The next thing I know I’m going in and out of consciousness and being sick. My husband threw me in the car (literally) and straight down to A&E we went. Thank goodness because as soon as I arrived I started having seizures, the real term for these are actually pseudo seizures as they do not involve activity in the brain like epileptic seizures; despite this it was very scary. My whole body was being thrown around on the bed and I had absolutely no control of it, I didn’t really know what was going on but I do know I was terrified and felt like I was going to die. So I stayed overnight and had all sorts of blood tests done, the result … nothing wrong with me. I can’t say this is what I thought! I came home and put it down to stress and lack of sleep. However, this happened again a couple of weeks later and I just knew I had to do something about it as it was effecting me doing anything as I was so scared it would happen at any time.

At the time I was still doing my hypnotherapy training and I asked one of my fellow students if she could practise on me and see if we could do something about these horrible events. I had three sessions working on taking back control of my mind and body and putting an end to these panic attacks. Together we identified the very first symptom of a panic attack coming on, for me this was the sensations on being pricked all over by needles. I will sum up what I was asked to do, however, if you would like more information please do email me as I’m always happy to share. So I was essentially asked to picture a big dial in my mind, any colour I choose, now as soon as I started to feel this first sign of panic I needed to picture the dial, take control and slowly turn it down. Now as I did this I was told that I would started to take deep breaths, helping myself to calm down and to allow my heart rate to slow down. At first I was a little sceptical that this would work as I felt so out of control when they came on, however it didn’t take me long to find out if it would work as the following week after my first session I felt one start to come on. Fortunately  I was at home so I decided to lie down, close my eyes and picture that dial. Within 10 minutes I can honestly say I felt so much better and those first symptoms did not lead on to anymore. I had taken back control and it felt amazing.

As I’ve said before sessions are very personal and I therefore tailor them to each individual. I like to work with something that’s familiar to someone and this is why the initial consultation is so important. It gives the client a safe space to talk about what’s been bothering them and it also helps them to decide whether the hypnotherapist is right for them. We have all had times where we have met people we automatically feel comfortable with and those, who for reasons unknown to us, we just do not. I want people to feel completely comfortable with me as I know this will give them the most out of their sessions.

I hope this has helped you to understand a little more about how hypnotherapy can help individuals with panic attacks. My door is always open for anyone who would like a friendly chat and learn a little more. So STOP ….. DON’T PANIC! You can do this 😊