Good morning everyone, as I sit here in a coffee shop sipping away at my flat white I was looking around and just thinking to myself, sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear. We don’t always have to understand how someone feels or why but sometimes just that small token of listening can help so much.

As a hypnotherapist and with my background in psychology, you realise that there is a lot more to listening than you might think. Have you ever just sat and truly ‘listened’, not speaking, not looking at your phone but just listening? You might be thinking, “well yes obviously I don’t understand what you mean?” But to truly listen, with no judgments and without replying with your own thoughts is actually quite a tricky skill to master at first, this is what we call “active listening”.

I think as humans we all like to fill in the silences or feel the need to speak in case a situation is awkward. However, once you start to actively listen you will realise that people will actually feel comfortable and listened to and you will truly help them to feel better. You don’t need to tell them you know how they feel if you don’t know, or that you understand what they are going through if you don’t, just be there for them. Help them to feel safe and loved.

I think if everyone just gave someone that time and space each day, even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes we could really help each other to have a happier existence 😊

Smile, be happy, listen, laugh, love!